Turnkey Solution to Meet Ongoing Needs

Nexus Australasia has the exclusive licence to manufacture and supply a range of flag and banner installation solutions to predominantly Local Body Councils.

Nexus Australasia is a small business with a high profile in the promotional display industry, with over 2,500 FlagTrax systems installed across both New Zealand and Australia.
The products are designed to improve community messaging through ease of use, and low cost, low risk operation. Their core product is called FlagTrax.

End to End Manufacturing

Nexus’s market was expanding across the region and they needed to establish a relationship with a manufacturing partner that could meet their ongoing manufacturing requirements.

They needed a partner that could not only problem solve but establish a turnkey solution that encompassed the majority of the supply chain, from the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing of standard and bespoke systems as well as the packaging and dispatching of finished product to their clients both locally and for their rapidly expanding export market.

Most Nexus projects require a level of customisation so they needed to align with a manufacturer who would provide end to end manufacturing i.e. components, extrusion, plastics, labels, steel, and packaging and then be capable of cutting, processing, welding, galvanising, powder coating, assembly etc.


Myriad has a wide range of up to date resources from CAD design packages, latest engineering tools and machinery that enhance the production process and deliver high quality competitively priced products. These include (but are not limited to) robot welder, specialist tooling jigs, digibender, hydraulic bender, and CNC lathe machinery.

End to end service provided, with components, extrusion, plastics, labels, steel, and packaging all taken care of. Cutting, processing, welding, galvanising, powder coating, assembly and more, all provided.

The Outcome

Myriad were able to project manage and coordinate the entire manufacturing process for Nexus. This included dealing with outside contractors and providing export packaging and delivery directly to the customer. In turn, this allowed Nexus to focus on building their client base, in the knowledge that the products supplied by Myriad will meet and exceed their clients’ expectations.

Nexus Australasia

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The Myriad Engineering Team