Reliable Partnership Still Humming After 30 Years

Steelfort Engineering has evolved from Stainless Steel bench top pioneering in the 1930s, to supplying a diverse range of products – including power tools, quad bikes, ride-on mowers, and niche products such as range-hoods and ice machines.

Steelfort’s globally-recognised LawnMaster mowers have been manufactured using Myriad-engineered components for more than 30 years.
Simon Richard, Purchasing Manager, tells us about the long-standing relationship between Myriad and Steelfort Engineering.

Benchmark Quality

“We’ve been through the component development process many times with Myriad. They’re very good at checking and clarifying things right from the design and development stage, so everyone’s clear on requirements.”

“Myriad are exceptionally good at documentation to pin down standards and ensure consistent quality. Once we’re into the production phase, they give timely confirmation of orders and keep a tight loop on information right through the process.”

Co-operation through Close Communication

“Despite our ‘distant relationship’ of a two-hour drive, Mark’s attentive communication ensures we know where each other are at with manufacturing phases and workloads. Using our MRP system, we look 2-3 months ahead, month by month, liaising with Mark to update, prioritise, or tweak production. This smoothes out and streamlines the manufacturing process for both of us.

We don’t get any “we are busy” or “can’t do this for awhile” from Myriad, as we’ve had from other suppliers, but “ok, let’s look at possible production and lead-times.”

Keeping Us on a Roll

“Myriad are really passionate about what they do with a genuine interest to understand our needs so they can help us succeed. Although manufacturing has been declining in New Zealand, being lost overseas, we share a common passion for New Zealand manufacturing.

“Our partnership with Myriad enables us to continue producing 10-12 thousand mowers a year successfully. They are also good about doing low quantities such as spare parts – even for our early models going back 25 years which are still going!”

“Myriad are really passionate about what they do with a genuine interest to understand our needs so they can help us succeed. “

~ Steelfort Engineering

Summing Up

“Myriad Engineering, as one of our premier suppliers, consistently produces the required high quality product, accurately, and on time. They also have the ability to react positively to any extraordinary urgent orders, which with export and shipping deadlines, is invaluable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Myriad Engineering as a supplier to any prospective customer.”

– Simon Richard, Purchasing Manager, Steelfort Engineering Company Ltd

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The Myriad Engineering Team