CNC Turning

Driven by integrated CAD/CAM software, our 3 and 4-axis CNC lathe capabilities are almost endless

Our top of the line resources, procedures and highly experienced CNC staff ensure all our work is completed on time and on budget.

We assist manufacturers across a diverse range of industries, many of which are globally recognised. Get the peace of mind that your manufacturing projects will be completed to the highest possible standard.
cnc turning
Do you have a challenging project? We have been in business a long time and any challenge is simply an opportunity to help our manufacturing customers succeed. We pride ourselves on our ability to problem solve and identify innovative solutions.

We continually invest in the latest technology and equipment, offering the best, most modern approach to CNC turning and general engineering.

If your designs are drawn using CNC software, it’s very likely we can work directly from those drawings. This makes it easier than ever before to produce quality products and share details and specs.

Highly specialised and exact requirements are no problem.

Whether we are completing a prototype or undertaking full production runs, our precision automated CNC lathes will accurately keep within your product specifications.

We understand you may not always have the time to pick up your products from our workshop. We can organise nationwide delivery.

  • Moriseiki 6T
  • Doosan Lynx 210
  • Doosan Puma 240M
  • Doosan Puma 280LM
  • Doosan Puma 2600Y
  • ProtoTRAX SLX 480×1250

All lathes have bar feeders that allow for continuous unmanned machining (where appropriate) allowing for greater productivity.

All materials that can be machined can be worked on our lathes. We work with a wide range of materials including metals (stainless steel, steel alloys, aluminium, brass, copper), plastics, nylon, wood and much more.

Whatever your needs, whether you require CNC turning or other, highly skilled precision engineering, get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help other manufacturers. To see how we work and how we can help your business, take a look at our case studies below.
This manufacturing company exports their products to 18 countries across Europe, North and South America and Africa.

Before coming to us they had struggled with coordinating different suppliers at a workable cost. We took their problems away with our industry know-how. Read more.


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We take it in our stride so you don’t have to stress

This Palmerston North company prides itself on manufacturing some of the longest lasting and best made products on the market.

With products built to the highest specifications, they needed a supplier who can deliver quality products on time and meet out of the box requests. We were happy to solve their problems. Read more.

CNC Turning for Milson Foundry
Using CNC lathes and CADCAM software means your products will be within specification every time, guaranteed.
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