Engineering Echoes: Unveiling the Past and Pioneering Tomorrow

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As AI continues to advance, promising to influence diverse industries including the realm of engineering, we ponder where engineering invention and innovation sits between the bold ideas of the past and the bright ideas for the future.

There were many engineering predictions made over the last century and while some have been relegated to the past, others have forged a place in our future …
Atomic-Powered Cars

In the mid-20th century, there were speculative designs for atomic-powered cars, fuelled by the enthusiasm for atomic energy. The idea was to use nuclear reactors to generate power for vehicles. Concerns about safety and practicality eventually led to the abandonment of this concept.


While considered imaginative at the time, mid-20th century expectations of what robots could achieve and look like, were far behind the sophistication of today’s robotic designs. Recent prototypes include robots looking and behaving like dogs, humanoid robots walking dogs and everything in between. The International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2023 in London showcases some of the latest robots.

Jet Packs for Everyday Use

There were optimistic predictions, particularly in the mid-20th century, about the widespread use of personal jet packs for everyday commuting. While jet packs do exist today, they are far from being a common mode of transportation. Jetpacks are still in their early stages of development and face numerous challenges including safety, practicality and regulatory considerations.

Fast Jet-Powered Trains

In the mid-20th century, there were ideas and concepts for jet-powered trains, envisioning high-speed rail travel propelled by jet engines. Practical challenges and safety concerns prevented the widespread adoption of such designs. Today, the fastest trains rely on electric traction systems.

ai engineering
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Examples like these are a testament to the creativity and bold thinking of engineers and inventors throughout history. We anticipate the growing centrality of AI technology in the engineering industry will open new doors to innovation and elevated manufacturing expertise and we are excited to see what the future holds.

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