The Manufacturing Itch


You know that little itch you didn’t even know you had until it got incredibly annoying?

Manufacturers can sometimes learn to put up with limitations in product performance, without even realising it. Scratching that itch often makes the difference between creating average and outstanding, world-class products.
The Kiwi Way

New Zealand is renowned for identifying and producing goods for niche markets. From the simplicity of the No. 8 wire, to the crazy idea of the bungy, New Zealanders continually achieve recognition for their innovations on the world stage.

Success in Innovation

Inventive success on a global scale relies on not only a great idea, but also the ability to pull it off.

Attention to the finer details can make all the difference and this is especially important if you’ve got someone tied to the end of a bungy and likewise, in the manufacturing game.

Managing the Itch

At Myriad Engineering we specialise in precision engineering and we manufacture specialist components that play a crucial role in the success of our customers’ products.

We’ve been assisting other manufacturers identify and troubleshoot their itches to enhance product performance since 1972. Over the years we’ve worked across extremely diverse industries on thousands of different product lines. We’ve noticed that our most successful customers (time and again) share one thing in common. They all strive for excellence.

Great Ideas Require Innovative Solutions

Manufacturers regularly come to us with an itch that needs scratching and a requirement for a novel but simple solution to a complex problem. As manufacturers ourselves, we understand the industry and the need for bespoke, specialised solutions. Finding and removing those itches (or irks) is what we do and our team takes great pride in helping other New Zealand manufacturers achieve on a global stage.

The Tiniest Parts Make the Biggest Difference

Often, the parts we manufacture are not even highly visible but they’re crucial to the success and performance of end products. Our components, engineered at times to within a hundredth of a millimetre, form part of a larger product that gets exported all over the world.

Are You Looking for More?

If you want to take your product design to the next level, or if you are struggling to find the right manufacturing partner, give us a call. We work with manufacturers throughout New Zealand and distance isn’t an issue. There are very few industries we haven’t already worked in and we can offer you expertise which only comes from years of experience.

Tricky Stuff is our Middle Name

See what other New Zealand manufacturers are saying about us by reading through some of our case studies. We’re not afraid of the tricky stuff and we take enormous pride in working with some of New Zealand’s leading manufacturers. We value our manufacturing partners and they value us too. Other manufacturers credit us with “saving them time and money”, “having great attention to detail”, enabling them to “offer better value to their own clients” and here’s one we’re especially proud of; “pulling out miracles”.

Give us a go today. And you could be New Zealand’s next success story tomorrow.