Meet Our Apprentices

We are always keen to help young people get a trade in engineering

Upskilling young people today has real benefits in building a strong workforce for the future. We'd like to introduce you to our latest apprentices. Meet Alastair, Connor and Fraser, who are at various stages of their training.

engineering apprenticeship

Alastair has been with us at Myriad Engineering for five years.

While he has had other jobs prior to working at Myriad, for Alastair it’s engineering that has kept his interest. He finds the work interesting and it’s always different. He also reckons “the managers are pretty cool” (thanks Alastair!) Alastair works on the CNC lathes and when he’s not hands-on at work, he is tackling his own house maintenance. He’s recently painted his own home and stripped the inside walls to add insulation then plaster and paint over the top. He also likes working out and keeping fit and enjoys woodwork too.

Alastair likes to try new things. He even lived in Antigua for two years and picked up the local dialect.

engineering apprenticeship

Connor is our newest apprentice, joining Myriad Engineering in January 2023, following on from undertaking a pre-trade course the previous year.

While the pre-trade course was a mix of machining and fabrication, Connor especially enjoyed the machining side. Connor’s grandad was an engineer and had his own workshop, so an interest in machines and making things began early for Connor and stuck with him.

When Connor first visited Myriad Engineering, he was struck by the “good vibe and how nice the people were”, so when given the opportunity of an apprenticeship, he jumped at it. Connor is doing a lot of machining and CNC work, which he really enjoys.

In his spare time Connor likes working on his car and replacing parts on his computer to keep it up to spec for gaming.

engineering apprenticeship

Fraser started his apprenticeship with us in July 2021. He was already familiar with Myriad Engineering, as he’d previously been working here during his school holidays.

This gave him an inside look at the engineering trade where he discovered he enjoyed working with machines. With welding, machining and other skills in the mix, Fraser believes engineering is a great trade to have and he finds he can transfer the skills he learns at work to projects outside of work, which is a real bonus. Fraser enjoys the challenges of his job and believes it is the perfect mix of teamwork and solitary work. He likes the quality control aspect too of making sure work is of a high standard.

When he’s not out socialising with his mates, he’ll be working on growing his own vegetables. Right now he’s got broccoli, lettuce, spring onion and basil on the go.

Are you interested in an engineering apprenticeship?
Right now we are looking for a CNC trainee, so if this sounds like you, get in touch with us to find out more. Email Michael Rutten at or 04 568 4502.
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