Meeting the Need with Just-in-Time Precision

Milson Foundry has been casting ferrous metal components for three generations, specialising in innovative, robust, and highly-customised solutions. They serve a range of industries including rail, automotive, construction, mining, and especially farming. These days they offer a complete solution with machine-finishing of components – and that‘s where Myriad Engineering come in. Abrie Van Aarde, Production & Operations Manager at Milson, tells us about his rewarding experience…

Others Couldn’t Do it

“We had some local companies doing machining for us, but they couldn’t keep up with our demands and outside-the-square requests. We looked at Myriad Engineering as a second choice, because they were further away, and gave them an opportunity.

The trial went exceptionally well, with quality product and quick turnaround at reasonable prices. It turns out that the geographical distance hasn’t been a problem at all logistically.

These days components are getting more intricate and complex, but Myriad Engineering have handled specialised requirements that others had trouble with.

One example was a steam liner for a boiler which needed extra heat resistance and hardness. It was difficult to machine properly, but with a positive outlook and willingness to help, they found the right tooling and know-how to do the job.”

All ‘Taken in Stride’ with Short Lead-Times

“With Myriad Engineering machining our components, we can add value to our clients by offering a complete solution without the need for them to deal with a third party (for finishing). It’s also an opportunity to make an extra margin.

Myriad Engineering has taken the strain out of short lead times. We can pre-empt demand to offer just-in-time delivery while allowing production at a steady pace, avoiding stressful peaks and troughs. We’ve also been able to replenish our stock levels.

On some difficult jobs, Myriad Engineering has even taken losses in time and resource, yet still delivered to our requirements in reasonable time.

They are always willing to make things work, even for outside-the-norm requests. When things get difficult, they are committed to deeper resolution of issues. In the rare event that they can’t do something, they will let us know.”

Win-Win Synergy

“We help each other, like when Myriad Engineering have machines available and need more work, we can give it to them. It’s very much a win-win relationship. They have saved us time and money while allowing us to offer better value to our clients. Myriad Engineering are easy to relate to and always helpful. A pleasure to deal with. I can vouch for them that they are always reliable. Everyone I know who deals with Myriad Engineering says the same things about them, which confirms our trust and high regard for them.”

If you’re in need of components, contact Myriad Engineering and we’ll provide you with a custom solution.