Breaking News: Myriad Engineering is Under New Ownership

jayden jesseup myriad owner

Exactly 19 years to the day that Mark and Fiona Wilson assumed ownership of Myriad Engineering, the reins have now been passed to local couple, Jayden and Ashley Jessup.

While this marks the end of the Wilson era, it is the beginning of Myriad Engineering’s next chapter, with some exciting innovations in the works by these new owner/operators.
jayden jesseup myriad owner
The Transition Phase

During this transition phase, existing customers will experience a seamless continuation of service. Mark will remain actively involved for at least the next 12 months, and all current staff members have been retained by the new owners, ensuring familiar points of contact continue.

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality standards, inventive solutions, punctual delivery, and friendly professional service will remain.

jayden jessup
Meet Jayden Jessup

Jayden is a qualified and seasoned Mechanical Engineer with 17 years experience in manufacturing. His prior experience includes running his own engineering production team, with an emphasis on rigorous quality checking and excellent customer service.

Jayden’s wife, Ashley comes from an office administration background and is looking forward to working behind the scenes to support Jayden and the Myriad Engineering team, while also juggling the needs of their young family.

There are future plans for Myriad Engineering to remain in the Jessup family for some time, to be handed over to their own children one day.

A New Era in Engineering

Jayden is eager to enhance Myriad Engineering’s legacy of innovation by introducing additional capabilities in the automation engineering sector. Drawing on his extensive background in CNC and toolmaking, he is passionate about consistently discovering the most effective and efficient production methods. His primary focus is on delivering precision products of the highest quality in the most cost-effective manner.

With a keen eye on competitive pricing, Jayden is committed to keeping the work in New Zealand and keeping it local. Cutting edge technology, the latest software and the use of different tool techniques will ensure Myriad Engineering remains a strong leader and partner of choice in the manufacturing sector.

Another interest area of Jayden’s is in providing prototypes to customers to show them how products can be improved upon, while also remaining price competitive. In Jayden’s words, “our whole business revolves around our customer. We make you our priority and we are hugely proactive in meeting your needs, whether we are doing one-off products or jobs on a massive scale."

Transparency is also important to Jayden who wants people to understand that in the engineering space mistakes can happen. When they do, “we take ownership and we implement processes to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Any issues are rectified as fast as possible so as to have as little impact as possible on the manufacturing schedule.”

Always researching and learning about new technology and machines, Jayden promises career opportunities where young people can learn on high tech equipment on the cutting edge of engineering, with a real focus on the future.

Farewell to Mark and Fiona

While Mark and Fiona will certainly be missed, they are looking forward to enjoying their retirement years. Excited to be moving permanently to the Kapiti Coast, for their next chapter, they will shift their focus to friends, family and travel.

Reflecting on the last 19 years, the Wilsons made many innovative changes at Myriad Engineering during the time they owned and ran the company, including a computer system (there was no computer when Mark first took over!), establishing a strong and cohesive team culture, with a solid leadership team, along with improved productivity by adopting new machinery and software like the Doosan, the robot welder and computer-based time scheduling.

The Last Word

“It’s an exciting time for Myriad Engineering and for our customers – who we’d like to thank for their support over the years. Jayden’s values and ours are very well aligned. We wouldn’t have sold the business to Jayden if we didn’t think it would be a good fit. We have every confidence his approach and fresh energy will deliver and fast-track Myriad Engineering through the next phase of engineering innovation, which will benefit everyone who works with the company,” Mark stated. “We want to come back in 10 years and see what Jayden has done. We’re convinced we’ll be impressed.”